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Maid In Manhattan
Release: 1984-01-01

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Maid In Manhattan [ 1984 ]


Maid In Manhattan

Posted by Gavin Ebert

Rating  :  6.0

Year  :   1984

Duration  :   1h 15m

Frustrated that her acting career is not as challenging as her college years, Brooke Fields (portraying herself) takes a break from Hollywood by staying with distant family friends in New York City. Before her arrival, the Latin maid casually enters Jack the father's bed and sleeps with him while his oblivious wife Jeanette is in the very next room talking to him. The rich family is bankrupt and so Jeanette plans to get her son Rick married to the promising actress Brooke. She sets up a dinner but her porn actress daughter Jill is late after the family's handyman complies to practice a scene with her. When she finally arrives, Brooke already left to talk with Jeanette's niece Mark, whose mot ...

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